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Instagram: @_lonnydon

Vimeo:  @Lonnydon
LinkedIn: Lauren Morse

Location: South East UK

I'm Lauren Morse, also known as Lonnydon around the internet, and I'm an animator, podcaster, and indie creator.


Professionally, I've worked in both the animation and games industries, and have been a Project Manager, Lead Animator and Story Artist on a children's TV pilot, worked on a Square Enix title, and for the likes of the BBC, Modern Toss, Yahoo/@QueenUK and NY Mag.


The rest of my time is spent co-hosting animation podcast, The DIY Animation Show, and working on my own personal projects; one of the most fun and rewarding so far being my animated short film, Syd & Squid!


2D animation, traditional animation, Flash / puppet-style animation, podcasting, audio editing.



Animation, storyboarding, illustration, background painting, layout, character design, asset design & creation.



Spine, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Toon Boom Harmony, CelAction2D, Illustrator, InDesign, good old pencil and paper.

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