2D Animation Showreel 
An updated collection of my favourite work from various projects, from mobile games to personal work.
Animated in Spine, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and good old pencil & paper.
Composited in After Effects, edited in Premiere Pro.

Syd guitar gif
Syd & Squid Lay Day - Morning giff

I tend to make gifs in my spare time - they're so fun!  Here's a couple recent ones.
All tradigital: hand drawn, frame by frame animation and backgrounds in Photoshop, composited in After Effects.

The characters are Syd & Squid, from the traditionally animated short I made.  Watch it below:

Syd & Squid

Meet Syd & Squid.  With nothing but sunny days and the rolling surf ahead of these best buds, it's looking like a summer of rad adventures, silly trouble, and some narrow escapes from the consequences.
Syd & Squid is a personal project completed in 2015.  It's traditionally animated on paper, scanned in and cleaned up/coloured in Photoshop, and the VFX drawn and coloured in Photoshop.  The backgrounds were painted in Photoshop, and each shot composited in After Effects and edited in Premiere Pro.